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Ny bog af Jigme Rinpoche

indsendt 28. feb. 2017 16.17 af Henrik Barchager   [ opdateret 28. feb. 2017 16.18 ]
Rabsel Edition har udgivet en ny bog på engelsk af Jigme Rimpoche med titlen "The Handbook of Ordinary Heroes"

"Buddhism is said to be universal because it transcends all notions of time and culture. A French shepherd from the Middle Ages can apply it just as easily as a Singaporean businessman from the 21st century. The Buddha’s teachings offer a method for understanding how to be and how to act—in other words, how to live our humanity while taking care of ourselves and others.
The heroes referred to in this book are ordinary beings like us who choose to develop as individuals through their understanding and application of kindness and compassio
n.These heroes are bodhisattvas who wish for all beings to meet with lasting happiness and to experience protection from all causes for unhappiness.
This handbook provides accessible explanations of what it means to live like a bodhisattva and offers a series of simple exercises directly related to daily life. It gives us key points for facing the difficulties we encounter in a new way and perceiving our lives according to altruistic val

Bogen kan købes direkte fra forlaget Rabsel Edition for 119 Kr.